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Our Story

Meet  the Sisters


 Nela & Zara


As sisters, we never imagined living out our dreams of having a business together. Using Baba's recipe, Nela's vision and Zara's knack for baking all brought Shirini to life. Together, with our opposite styles and mutual sweet tooth, we became a dynamic duo that simultaneously blended our Iranian-American upbringing into one delicious dessert.


Using flavors inspired by our many summers in Iran and some of our favorite American desserts, we took the "OG" Persian macaroon and made it something so much more.

Nela and Zara Salehi - Owners of Shirini Bakery

What does Shirini Mean?

Shirini means sweets, pastries, desserts in the Persian language. A word that was tossed quite frequently in our household. When it came to giving the business a name, nothing felt more fitting than Shirini.  

Shirini Bakery in Farsi

It all started with macaroons or "Nargili"(in Farsi). The Shirini journey began back in 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia where our family currently resides. Free of gluten, dairy, and artificial preservatives, our delectable macaroons are inspired by our Iranian roots and American upbringing. Growing up we indulged in these sweet coconut macaroons that our dad (A.K.A Baba) baked for us and anyone that walked into our home. Once we got older, he shared his famous recipe and taught us how to bake these sweet little treats to perfection.

Combining our love for our culture and our undeniable sweet tooth, Shirini Bakery blossomed. Today, our family-operated small business powers on with the mission to showcase the beautiful fusion of Iranian-American flavors and ingredients using our unique macaroon as a vessel. 

Creating a staple dessert that you can top any meal off with, Shirini is here to satisfy your sweet tooth with all the right ingredients.


Pictured: Baba with Zara (left) and Nela (right)

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