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Hospitality is a cornerstone in Persian culture, and Shirini Bakery strives to make you feel like a guest in our own home. We are continuously growing, learning and encouraging feedback. Our promise is to provide the highest quality of service and baked goods there is to offer. 

Our Values


Shirini loves every human equally and does not condone discrimination or hate under any circumstance. All people, regardless of race, religion, identity, etc. are welcome at Shirini Bakery. As a growing minority-owned business, we will make an active effort to be inclusive and diverse as we build our Shirini team.  

 We are passionate about giving back to the community. That’s why a portion of all profits made from our Shirini T-shirts (available on bonfire.com) will be donated to organizations we care about and you can learn more about them *here* 


Spread Sweetness

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